Asbestos occurs and remains in many homes and offices today.  It is important to note that “intact” asbestos in most cases is not harmful.  However, when asbestos is disturbed and becomes friable it can present many severe health risks.  Until production of asbestos containing materials or ACM was banned in 1978, many construction materials contained asbestos and continued until 1986. 

Proper abatement of ACM is the key factor when dealing with asbestos.  At GAMA Contracting Services, we are fully licensed and are staffed to handle all of your asbestos abatement needs. 

Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of health issues, including asbestosis and mesothelioma, so always be sure to hire a specialized contractor for all asbestos removal.  Special caution is taken while abating asbestos including the use of polyethylene film, duct tape and negative air pressure machines which are fitted with HEPA filters.

We have a fully licensed staff of certified professions available to handle your asbestos removal jobs.   Please contact us today if you are removing asbestos from your home or office. Our professionals are standing by to help resolve your issue. 

GAMA Contracting Services Asbestos Removal