Whether it’s lead paint or lead components, such as lead pipes, lead can pose a threat to children and adults alike.  One of the most important factors is relying on a licensed contractor to remove or encapsulate the area effected by lead.  At GAMA Contracting Services, we are fully licensed and are staffed to handle all of your lead abatement needs.

If removing the lead components can’t be accomplished, then one method is to encapsulate the area.  This involves applying a paint like coating that creates a barrier of protection from the lead surface.  Often, this method will wear over time, however it is very cost effective. 

Exposure to lead or lead dust can cause a variety of health issues, including lead poisoning, so always be sure to hire a specialized contractor for all lead removal.

We have a fully licensed staff of certified professions available to handle your lead removal jobs.   Please contact us today if you are removing lead from your home or office. Our professionals are standing by to help resolve your issue. 

GAMA Contracting Services Lead Removal