GAMA Contracting Environmental Services

GAMA Contracting Services is proud to have a set of processes and practices that enables our organization the opportunity to contribute to a healthier environment for everyone. We take our responsibilities very seriously in that we know how our services impacts the global community. Through our many services we have the knowledge and understanding to perform quality work at competitive value for each of our customers. Feel free to read below to learn more about our environmental services.


Asbestos occurs and remains in many homes and offices today.  It is important to note that “intact” asbestos in most cases is not harmful.  However, when asbestos is disturbed and becomes friable it can present many severe health risks.  Until production of asbestos containing materials or ACM was banned in 1978, many construction materials contained asbestos and continued until 1986.  Read more


Whether it’s lead paint or lead components, such as lead pipes, lead can pose a threat to children and adults alike.  One of the most important factors is relying on a licensed contractor to remove or encapsulate the area effected by lead.  At GAMA Contracting Services, we are fully licensed and are staffed to handle all of your lead abatement needs. Read more


Anytime a water spill occurs in your home or office, mold can quickly become a problem.  In as little as 24-48 hours harmful infestations can begin to spread throughout your property.   It is imperative that you work with a professional to properly clean, remove and replace all impacted areas from mold growth.  At GAMA Contracting Services, we take the guessing game out of the cleanup.  We have State of the Art equipment and follow the latest industry standards for mold remediation. We have the experience and knowledge to handle your individual needs.  Read more